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History of Dentistry


In the beginning there were the dinosaurs. Then came the people. For as long as people have had teeth, there has been someone trying to fix them. Thus the dentist was born! Dentistry has a long and distinguished, not to mention interesting history. Anyone interested in dentistry should know a bit about what they are getting into.

Did you know that anesthesia was discovered by a dentist? Did you know that crowns and bridges were crafted by the ancient Egyptians and Etruscans? Well read on to learn more! I've even included review questions at the end of each some of the chapters for you to use. Big thanks to authors Dr. Henry Clarke D.M.D. and Dr. Susan Rustvold D.M.D. for permitting the work to be published here! Enjoy.

Check out these chapters of Dental History, and prepare for victory the next time you find yourself in a heated game of dental trivial pursuit



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"Hey, George, Do you know who discovered anesthesia?"

Dental History Chapters:
Ancient People & Dental Disorders
Ancient Mesopotamia
The Greco-Roman Period
The Islamic Period - Medieval Europe
Ancient Egypt & Sumeria
Western Dentistry from 1750-1868
Western Dentistry from 1850
History of Oral Surgery
OHSU School of Dentistry

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