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So, you want to be dentist. Well, the road you have chosen is not easy, but it is a great journey with some great rewards. Your one purpose in life has now become to get into dental school. I've tried here to give information that will illuminate the road ahead of you.

This section is a collection of advice and information directed toward those who have decided they want a career in dentistry but have not yet entered dental school. This means you are probably an undergraduate university student, but you could have a quite different background.

What ever your current situation, your future is pretty much set. The process of applying to dental schools can be quite consuming.

At times getting into dental school may seem to be like trying to reach the top of Everest. But, believe me, it only seems that way. The application process is confusing and bureaucratic in many ways, but looking back it seems pretty simple.

My first suggestion would be to find help. Most universities and colleges have pre-professional offices that offer counseling to guide you toward your goals.

So, take a look at some of the areas of advice I have put together here (use the links to the right or the navigation bar to the left)




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