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Successful Interview

Interviewers are looking for applicants with good oral communication skills. You will, after all, spend the majority of your professional life communicating with patients. You can develop interview skills that set you apart from the competition. Remember that preparation is the key to a successful interview. Good luck!

Basic Preparation for the Interview:

  • Familiarize yourself with school, its programs and facilities. Use catalogs, interview reports, and tapes to research the school. Visit the campus if possible. Call the school and speak with students, faculty, departmental secretaries, and schools alumni, ect. It will also be helpful to know who is interviewing you.

  • Do practice interviews with applicants, advisors, professors, or practicing health professionals.

  • Be familiar with current issues in your field of interest. Be prepared to discuss you positive qualities.

  • Think of questions that you want to ask of the interviewer. A set of good questions will reflect positively on you.

Basics of Interviewing:

  • Be certain of the date, time and place of the interview. Confirm in writing with the school, especially if out-of-state travel is concerned.

  • Arrive early to the interview

  • Carry a pen and a notepad to make note of any references given during your visit Listen carefully for the interviewer's name and on occasion, address the interviewer

  • Wait for the interviewer to shake hands

  • Wait for the interviewer(s) to invite you to be seated or to seat himself/herself before you are seated.

  • A polite note of "Thank-you" sent to the school care of the interviewer is a professional touch that will help your name and application and interview be remembered.

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